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Woolly Triplets are a trio of sheep brothers in the "Syndicated"-era Bendy comics strips.

General Description

Physical Appearance

The Woolly Triplets are short white fluffy anthropomorphic sheep with small horns, tiny hooves for feet, and black arms wearing gloves. All three brothers look the same, except that each sibling has their own distinctive trait: The first sheep has fluffy "sideburn" hair, the second sheep wears big round glasses that cover his eyes, and the third sheep has dotted freckles.


Similar to Bendy, the brothers have a mischievous disposition, willing to get people distracted as a chance to rob them swiftly. Later on after getting caught by the police for this, they learn to act more well-mannered and sell things to people in order to get money, thanks to Boris's teachings.

Comic Appearances

  • Counting Sheep (1932) - The Woolly Triplets try to pickpocket Boris the Wolf, only for them to find out he was a step ahead of them. They later try to do the same thing to Bendy.
  • F for Effort (1933) - The Woolly Triplets were taught by Boris to learn how to be rapscallions, but as they went off to town, the brothers distracts Ruby Goldberg while trying to rob her money but it backfired, as the siblings got caught and soon locked up in jail by the Pig Cop.
  • How Not To (1933) - The brothers were taught to steal pies by Boris. They immediately decided not to do so after seeing Bendy paying the price for trying to take Ruby's pie.
  • True Love (1933) - The Woolly Triplets build a kissing booth to get a kiss from Alice Angel, and so she then kisses one of them. Later, Boris sees them fawning over her, and he then proceeds to grab and eat one of the hearts from their thought bubble.
  • Three for One (1934) - The Woolly Triplets disguise themselves as a tall guy to impress Alice. Their plan fails, and so Alice kisses them to console them.
  • Graduation Day (1934) - The Woolly Triplets finally manage to successfully prank someone. They trick Boswell Lotsabucks into buying a flasks that supposedly make fast money, he buys them, and so Boris process to graduate them from his teachings.


  • Their official gang name has been confirmed by Vannote, but their own individual names have yet to be shown.[1]


  1. "@MadyGComics gave the woman (only referred to as “the pie lady” in my scripts) the great name Ruby Goldberg and the sheep are all collectively known as the Woolly Triplets. Their individual names are yet to be revealed." - Vannotes. September 2, 2020. Twitter.
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