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  • I live in South Korea
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is student, bureaucrat on OK KO wiki, admin on Bendy wiki and Showdown Bandit wiki
  • I am female
  • Bio ignore the Gravity Falls wiki on the "my favorite wikis" section I haven't been active there in ages

    (the "my website" thing isn't actually mine btw it's just my favorite youtube channel)
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Buddy Boris > Toon Boris

" 5 stages of grief: Chapter 5 ending edition

1. Denial "Wait what is that seriously the end?? I'm so confused??? That can't be it right?????"

2. Anger "Seriously?? I've been waiting so long looking forward to getting all the answers to our questions and this is what we got"

3. Bargaining "There's gotta be a hidden alternate ending right...? It's taking a long time but surely another better ending will eventually be found?"

4. Depression "Welp I guess this is all we will get,, a confusing underwhelming ending with almost no questions answered,, how disappointing,,,"

5. Acceptance "Y'know what the ending's not that bad, it's actually pretty interesting and it's kinda grown on me""

Top 15 favorite characters

  1. Bendy
  2. Wally Franks
  3. Ink Bendy/Beast Bendy
  4. Alice Angel
  5. Edgar
  6. Charley
  7. Barley
  8. Buddy Lewek just the game version bc I haven't read the novel yet
  9. Boris the Wolf
  10. Sammy Lawrence
  11. Twisted Alice/Susie Campbell (even if they're somehow not the same I still like them pretty similarly, so)
  12. Henry Stein
  13. Allison Pendle
  14. Thomas Connor
  15. Norman Polk

Honorary mention: Jack Fain, Chester, Gaskette, Canoodle, Dewey, Wandering Sin, theMeatly (these 2 don't count as characters anymore rip), Piper, Fisher, Striker, Cuphead

Least favorites: Gwens, Stickles, Krawls


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