"Now that... is a beautiful, and positively silly thought."
- Joey Drew
This article contains sources that were not canonical as an official part of the Bendy series or the overall plotline.

Toothy Terror is a minor character who appeared in the crossover battle animation Bendy VS Cuphead by Rooster Teeth's Screwattack.

General Description

Physical Appearance

The Toothy Terror is a giant plant, with a yellow-green head, and light tan sharp teeth. It sports green leaves, and a giant stem with yellow thorns. The Toothy Terror also has vine-like tentacles, which it uses to attack.


Bendy VS Cuphead

After going behind a bush to hide from Cuphead, Bendy uses a bag of "ACME QUIK GROW" on a small plant, which grows into the Toothy Terror. Bendy then rides on it, and uses it to attack Cuphead.


  • In the Cuphead game, the Toothy Terrors actually appear as black venus flytraps with huge, razor sharp teeth and yellow polka-dots, bearing a strong resemblance to the Piranha Plants in the Mario franchise. They appeared in the Forest Follies level and Cagney Carnation's level as kamikaze minions.
  • Toothy Terror is based on the plant creature from Atrox-C's "Toontober Day 5 - Plant" DeviantArt drawing, who is known as the "Cat-Eating Plant".
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