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"I keep telling these people, if Mister Joey Drew keeps cutting corners like this, someone's sure to end up falling to their death. And it sure ain't gonna be me."
Thomas Connor's second audio log,
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3

Thomas J. Connor is a gruff-voiced repairman, a World War II veteran,[1] an employee associated with the Gent company, and the husband of Allison Pendle. A worker tasked with making sure the endless piping of the Ink Machine stays in top form, he becomes frustrated with how unstable the system is as time goes on. He also tries to dissuade other workers from entering the unstable areas.[2]

General Description

Physical Appearance

Currently, Thomas himself never appeared anywhere in the first game physically. In the Dreams Come to Life novel, however, he is described as a tall and broad man.


A master at his craft, Thomas is a disgruntled, ill-tempered, no-nonsense repairman, with trust issues. In his audio recordings, his tone suggests that he is fed up about struggling against the workings of the Ink Machine for quite a long time, eventually declaring that he refuses to do anything more about it. Despite his volatile disposition, he is shown to be a hard worker and a careful observer, as revealed in his report-of-sorts to the Gent Corporation's as-of-yet unseen flagship headquarters. In terms of social skills, he had hardly a kind word for anyone, except for his superiors at Gent and Allison Pendle. In the Dreams Come to Life novel, it is also revealed that despite his normally serious, ill-tempered demeanor, deep inside, he is despondent, brooding, and nervous, as depicted during his explanation to Daniel "Buddy" Lewek about the true purposes of the Ink Machine.


Early Life

Dark and Cold

He complains about the endless floods of ink contaminating the structure of Joey Drew Studios, remarking that the pipes simply can't hold the volume. He also thinks that the Ink Machine, and all the things that have happened because of it, just does not seem natural. He declares that he will no longer do any more repair work for Joey.[3]

Hard Time with Wally

Thomas tried to explain to Wally Franks what to do when the ink pressure reaches 45, seemingly impatient and frustrated about both the confusion and Wally's misunderstanding about what to do in relation to the ink pressure. In the end, Wally then aggravatingly declares if he has to do his own work as well as Thomas', he will leave.[4]

Cutting Corners

Thomas aggravates that the elevators are yet another device that keeps breaking down. He assumes that it is because Joey was ignoring the safety of using the elevator that someone will fall to their death if not changed. He remarks that he would not be that "someone" and will, therefore, take the stairs.[5]

Office Report and Ink Bendy's Birth

Thomas makes a progress report to the Gent Home Office, stating that their client's expectations keep changing, despite making progress with the Ink Machine's ability to create realistic cartoon characters. He then states that the machine is now teetering on "the edge of magic" compared to proper engineering, though Joey is convinced that magic and engineering are one and the same. He then reports that progress with the film reels being used by the Ink Machine to create the characters is so far going well, and they had several near-successes. Thomas reveals that the first creation of the Ink Machine was, in fact, a failed attempt to create a real-life version of Bendy, and no one at Gent has ever attempted a second try.[6]

Later on, Thomas was told by Joey to lock Ink Bendy up in order to prevent him from getting publicly seen, due to the creature's appearance and behavior.[7]

Reviewing Wally's Maintenance

Thomas has his own interpretation of Wally Franks' work ethic, believing him to be a loose cannon, given that he did not agree to the Gent Corporation/Joey Drew Studios partnership, to begin with, he could be a potential liability to the Ink Machine project.

Dreams Come to Life

Joey's Meeting

In 1946, he was first seen visiting with Joey Drew, who escorts him into his office for an important meeting.

Argument with Sammy

Buddy overhears an argument between him and Sammy Lawrence, following an incident in which the latter was stealing ink bottles from the former.

The Firing and Joey's Untold Truth

In the following days, Thomas enters Joey Drew's company party with Allison Pendle unannounced, to which Joey Drew makes it clear that they were not invited. After Thomas infuriatingly snaps at Joey concerning the ownership of the Ink Machine, Joey then belittles and fires Thomas, before doing the same to Allison, for siding with Thomas in the first place. Sensing danger, Buddy exits the party and asks Thomas what was going on. Thomas then reluctantly proceeds to explain the dark truth behind Joey's plan with the Ink Machine, and its purpose, with Allison following suit, before they both leave.


On February 23, 1952, six years after being fired from the studio, Thomas and Allison are married from the First Light Presbyterian Church.[8] Other than that, in the unconfirmed date, both are later trapped in the Cycle and transformed into a caricature of cartoon characters (Thomas as Tom and Allison as Allison Angel), as to how it really happened remains unknown.

Bendy and the Ink Machine


Thomas' ink output schedule.

  • In Chapter 1: Moving Pictures, before his first audio log is found in the basement's first floor after draining the ink,[3] Thomas' name is first mentioned in his "ink output" signature by his short signature "T.C." above the "GENT OFF" message. According to his schedule, Thomas works every week but Sundays while outputting gallons of ink one by one;
    • On Monday, he output 19, 13, and then 18 gallons of ink.
    • On Tuesday, he output 18, 9, and 24 gallons of ink.
    • On Wednesday, there are no recorded numbers of ink gallons. Nothing else than a "back up".
    • On Thursday, the same result as yesterday on Wednesday, saying with "hold".
    • On Friday, he output 14 gallons of ink. He also did output another gallon of ink, but the number amount was not recorded.
    • On Saturday, finally, he output 7, 103, and an astonishingly huge 423 gallons of ink.
  • In Chapter 3: Rise and Fall, the first appearance of Thomas is in a duo dialogue log where Thomas explained to Wally Franks (unsuccessfully) what to do when the ink pressure reaches over a big amount, which falls flat.[4] Thomas' second audio log is found on a shelf near the bottom of stairs after Henry walks out of the lift on Level 9, where he feels concerned about the elevators' malfunctions.[5]
  • In Chapter 5: The Last Reel, Thomas's third and final audio log can be found inside the room on the right side of the pipe puzzle, where he sends a report about the Ink Machine's almost-successful functions and the witness of Ink Bendy's creation.[6] At the chapter's epilogue, found in Joey's apartment home, a letter from Allison Pendle reveals that an opportunistic thief somehow broke into Joey Drew Studios and stole one of Thomas' inventions, much to his anger and orders to find the culprit as soon as possible.

Boris and the Dark Survival

An audio log recorded by Thomas, where he criticizes Wally's job effort, can be found.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section contains non-canonical source, and is not considered as an official part of the series or the overall plotline.

Bendy VS Cuphead

Although not appearing in the Bendy/Cuphead crossover fight cartoon physically, Thomas' name (simply as Tom) is mentioned in his note that was reminding the readers not to touch the main valve.


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Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

"It's dark and it's cold and it's stuck in behind every single wall now. In some places, I swear this godforsaken ink is clear up to my knees! Who ever thought that these crummy pipes could hold up under this kind of strain either knows something about pressure I don't, or he's some kind of idiot. But the real worst part about all this... are them noises the system makes. Like a dying dog on its last legs. Make no mistake, this place... this... machine... heck, this whole darn thing... it just isn't natural. You can bet, I won't be doing any more repair jobs for Mister Joey Drew."
Thomas' 1st audio log.

CH1 AudioLog Thomas 01

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

" Wally: Alright let's go over this again. If the pressure goes over 45, I screw the safety bolt in tighter, right?

Thomas: No! For the last time, you do that, you'll blow every pipe in this place! If it reaches 45, you unhook the safety switch.

Wally: You sure? You know, this sounds harder than comparing ear wax to bee's wax!

Thomas: Look, it's not that difficult! Just keep an eye on the gauge!

Wally: Look pal, if you think I'm doing my job AND yours, I'm outta here!''"
Wally and Thomas' audio log.

CH3 AudioLog Wally Thomas

"These blasted elevators... sometimes they open... sometimes they don't... sometimes they come... sometimes they keep on going to Hell and back. I keep telling these people, if Mister Joey Drew keeps cutting corners like this, someone's sure to end up falling to their death. And it sure ain't gonna be me. I'm taking the stairs."
Thomas' 2nd audio log.

CH3 AudioLog Thomas CuttingCorners

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

"Progress report to Gent Home Office. Client: Joey Drew Studios. Although we're making progress, the client's expectations keep changing. What started as a machine to simply mold life-size figures, now seems to be teetering on the edge of magic more than engineering. Although Mr. Drew remains convinced they're the same thing. The process of running the cartoon film through the machine for the figures to imprint upon themselves is going well. We've had several near successes. One weird note: the first figure ever created was a failed attempt in the likeness of the character called "Bendy". Since that time, no other attempts of this particular figure have emerged. And the one that did... I don't know, there's just something unworldly about him."
Thomas' 3rd audio log.

Ch5 audiolog thomasconnor

"If there's one loose bolt around here, we're going to have a whole mess of trouble. And wouldn't you know it, that Wally guy is one loose bolt! He keeps the floors clean he says, he didn't sign on for no science project. All I know is someone needs to keep these pipes maintained. And he can't be a slacker."
Thomas' audio log.

"So we're looking at quite the job here! Walls come out, pipes go in... dang walls go back in again! It's like banging your head on a rock over and over and over. The first time, it hurts to heck. The hundredth time, well... you just don't think much about it. That's what it's like working for Mr. Joey Drew. At first you feel that bad pain in your gut that you're doing something very wrong. But after a time, when the dust settles, and Joey had played his cards, you just learn to go with it. Bit of your soul dies with each pipe you put in."
Audio log, dated November 12th, 1943, by Thomas Connor.


General Facts

  • His name is likely a strong reference to Thomas Patrick "Tommie" Connor, a British songwriter known for writing Christmas songs.
  • Thomas Connor is voiced by Mike Mood, the co-creator of the game. Furthermore, Mike's tweet claimed that himself voicing Thomas causes his throat to hurt as it puts quite a bit of strain on his voice.[9]
  • Thomas Connor is the only character to have his middle name revealed, although it's only the initial.

In-Media Facts

Chapter 1: Moving Pictures
  • Thomas' first audio log was not in the earlier versions of Chapter 1 and was added later in the Chapter 3 update.
    • His "ink output" schedule was not added until Chapter 4's release.
  • The transcript of Thomas' recording in Chapter 1 has multiple spacing errors. It has multiple lacks of space after the punctuation. This was later fixed upon Chapter 4's release.
Chapter 3: Rise and Fall
  • Before the release of Chapter 4, there was no audio log for Wally and Thomas' due to the trailer room not being implemented at the time.
    • Thomas and Wally are the only workers that have been shown socializing through an audio log.



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