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"Ah, this one is very special."
The Patron, Boris and the Dark Survival

The Patron is a male Lost One who resides in the Cycle.


Physical Appearance

The Patron shares the same appearance as the rest of the male Lost Ones.


The Patron is very imperturbable and appears delightfully fascinated by artists' masterpieces. He seems to not share the despair and fear the other Lost Ones have, and it is unknown why.


Boris and the Dark Survival

The Patron's role is brief; he is seen viewing the Golden Days Gallery.



  • "Ah, this one is very special."
  • "How does one even visualize a concept as incredible as this?"
  • "You can look at them, but never touch."
  • "You can't put a price on a masterpiece."
  • "Shhh... let me look in peace."
  • "Have you ever seen such talent?"


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