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"Now that... is a beautiful, and positively silly thought."
- Joey Drew
This article contains sources that were not canonical as an official part of the Bendy series or the overall plotline.

The Original Sample is a testing animation created by TimetheHobo and was released on September 30, 2017 from her YouTube channel. It does not have anything to do with the official animated series of shorts due to TimetheHobo's pure imagination.

The video's animation is entirely unfinished with lacking any personal colors, leaving only sketch lines for the white background. The video does not include music or any audio either.



During the animation, Bendy explores around the dissection room to find Boris in fear. When Bendy goes for a few steps back, sudden he hears the sound like someone knocking which startles him, make drop the candle. He turns around and notice the Boris corphse in the daze, but he doesn't know that Boris is fake. Desperately, Bendy tries to break the ropes free from the Boris corpse but failed and fell backwards. In the moment Bendy tries to break the rope free from the Boris corpse, there is a strange ink that was forming under the door and flow down into a puddle in a unnatural way. While Bendy is worry how to break the rope free for save Boris, from the puddle Ink Bendy rises and stare on Bendy in a weird way. Bendy turns back around and nervously looks up at Ink Bendy, and smiles weakly when starting to wave a little for a greeting. Unexpectedly, Ink Bendy grabbed Bendy just in a few second, not letting him escaping and Bendy quickly be absorped in the end. Few moments later, theMeatly shows up on-screen towards the end and feeling puzzled as if he missed out seeing the small incident.


  • It took 3 days to finish the animation, according to TimetheHobo from the video's description.


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