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"Thanks, Joey. Just what I needed. More distractions. These stupid cartoon songs don't write themselves, you know."
- Sammy Lawrence
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"A trail of ink running up the side of the blanket, up along the long sleeves of Grandpa's nightshirt, tracing up his neck heading for his mouth."
Dreams Come to Life, page 220

The Ink is an unnatural living organism that was created by the Ink Machine.



The Ink is nothing else than a black ink-like substance, with no descriptive details. It lacks any form or shape, due to its liquid-like behaviors.


Far from the inert liquid it appears to be, the ink is capable of moving, and even slithered into someone's mouth. It appears to possess incredibly addictive properties, as demonstrated by Sammy Lawrence becoming 'hooked' after only a single drop lands on his tongue, and can turn people into twisted parodies of cartoon characters over time, or just make them resemble humanoid blobs of ink, like Lost Ones. When paired with the Ink Machine, it can also form rough approximations of cartoon characters such as Ink Bendy without the need for a human host, recieving information on shape and behavior from cartoon films depicting the character it's trying to imitate that are fed through the Ink Machine. However, as seen as in Dream come to Life, it still can alter itself even it's not paired, but must have soul of who was interacted with it before, like Daniel Lewek.


The Ink's history is undocumented at best. It is possible that after the creation of the Ink Machine, it influenced many characters in a way that foreshadows what is to come in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


  • It is unknown if Thick Ink and/or Extra-Thick Ink fall under this category of ink, though it is possible, as they appear to pulsate on the ground and in Henry’s hand.
  • It seems to be a Symbiote, but instead symbiosis the external, it penetrating inside the body then begin the transmustation.
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