"We hope you'll enjoy the closing pages of our employee manual, excerpted from The Illusion of Living by Joey Drew, his acclaimed memoir and guide to animation."
Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook, page 194

The Illusion of Living is a memoir written by the animation studio owner Joey Drew. The book describes the philosophy of making animated cartoons, ranging from the logic of animations to drawing Joey Drew Studios' cartoon characters in the owner's way.

General Description


The cover of the book is black, while the pages are a lighter color. On the front cover, there is a smaller, lighter rectangle, some inscriptions, and a pair of horns referencing Bendy's. The book has its "The Illusion of Living" titled and has Joey's name for his writing credit.


  • Introduction
  • Rule #1: Your Animations Should Be Fluid
  • Rule #2: Your Animations Should (Mostly) Obey the Laws of Physics
  • Rule #3: Your Animations Should Control the Camera
  • Rule #4: Your Animations Should Be Aware of Their Environment
  • Rule #5: Your Animations Should Be Punctual
  • Rule #6: Your Animations Should Vary
  • Rule #7: Your Animations Should Haunt People
  • Animating Bendy
  • Bendy's Character
  • Animating Boris the Wolf
  • Animating Alice Angel[1]

Usage and Locations

Bendy and the Ink Machine

20180502160813 1

The book found inside the Lunch Room.

The book first appeared in Chapter 1: Moving Pictures. It is one of the six items Henry must collect to fix the Ink Machine. The book is located in the Lunch Room, on a table piled with several other books.

The book later makes a numerous amount of cameos from the second to fifth chapter. However, none of them can be obtained:


General Facts

In-Game Facts

  • Book2

    The book in the foyer location.

    In older updates for Chapter 1: Moving Pictures before the release of Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders, the book localization was randomized.


Description Audio
The current sound produced when the book is collected.
SFX Book Pick Up Vanish 01
The sound produced when placing the book on the pedestal in the break room.
SFX Book 01
The old sound produced when the book is collected.
Collect Book



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