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The Dancing Demon is a Bendy cartoon produced by Joey Drew Studios and presented in Sillyvision. The cartoon was mentioned in Bendy and the Ink Machine via posters.

The cartoon was published in the unknown date of either 1929 or around 1930s. Along with other 1929-1930s Bendy cartoons, based on the poster, The Dancing Demon is re-released as propaganda in concert with the USA government to help raise sales on war bonds during World War II on the early 1940s.[1]



While it's not clear what the cartoon's entire plot turns out, the scene clip reveals that the episode took place in a Hawaiian island, judging by a smiling tiki (seen from the left side of the clip) and bamboo torches for the background with the dancing Bendy who dressed up as a hula dancer.


  • Based on the setting, the cartoon is inspired by the animator's dreams of living in Hawaii.[2]
  • The clip for "The Dancing Demon" goes unused for Bendy and the Ink Machine.



  1. "Another oldie "The Dancing Demon" was recently re-released (along with many other of our of our classics) in concert with the US government in an effort to raise sales on war bonds." - Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook
  2. "When you're thinking about Bora Bora ... Draw your own beach, and hang it up right at your workspace. A big inspiration for "The Dancing Demon" came from our animators dreaming of Hawaii!" - Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook, page 189

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