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The Brute is one of the antagonists from the Bendy comics. He only appeared in Souper Boris, a comic from the Dime-Store Comic era.

General Description

Physical Appearance

The Brute is essentially a buff version of Boris. He has sharp teeth, a small tuft of hair and a missing right eye with an X over it.


The Brute is just that: a brute. He prioritizes brawn over brains and, fittingly enough, uses brute force when fighting. He speaks in a simplistic manner; such as using 'me' instead of 'I' as his first-person pronoun. In his spare time, he lifts weights to maintain his muscular physique, also showing that he is prideful about living up to his title as “The Brute”.

Comic Appearances

The Brute's only known appearance is in Dime-Store Comic Souper Boris. He is the second of the three antagonists to be introduced; after Cameraman and before Miss Twisted. Just like Cameraman before him, he was stealing money from a bank.

After being stopped by the titular Souper Boris, he proceeds to pummel the heroic lupine into the ground. After being distracted by the soup can hat Souper Boris threw, he is defeated by receiving a swift kick to his jaw.

Some time later, he is with the other two villains in their secret swamp headquarters. He mentions how his jaw still hurts before agreeing to join his follow crooks as The Society for Shellacking of Souper Boris. He plays his part for luring Souper Boris out by literally stealing candy from a baby.

After waiting for some time, he gets bored and wants to go home. Then, when Souper Boris arrives (without his powers due to running out of super soup), he and his allies gives chase into a grocery store.

The Brute calls Souper Boris a coward and wants him to stop playing hide-and-seek before simply demanding a fight. Souper Boris does fight The Brute, defeating him by tripping him after he received a fruit to the face. He is last seen being arrested with Cameraman and Miss Twisted as Souper Boris retires.


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