This article is about Jack's monster form. For Jack's former human self, see Jack Fain.

"Was that thing holding my valve?"
Henry upon first encountering Swollen Jack,
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 2

Swollen Jack is a minor antagonist appearing in Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. As the monster form of Jack Fain himself, he is one of the victims of Joey Drew Studios corrupted by unknown circumstances with ink before Henry returned back to the abandoned studio 30 years later.



Swollen Jack's appearance is almost the same as a Swollen Searcher's, hence his name. The main difference is that Swollen Jack is still wearing the bowler hat he usually wore back as a human being.


As a monster, Jack lost his vocal abilities, only making groaning sounds like the rest of the Swollen Searchers. He will always dive into the ink and teleport to other places as soon as Henry approaches him.


Henry must lure him underneath the utility lift shaft while the wooden pallet is raised, and then abruptly lower it onto him, killing him.

It should be noted that using the axe against Swollen Jack is ineffective because he constantly has a chance to pop away to another location.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 2: The Old Song

He first appears in the flooded sewers behind some breakable boards, holding the valve wheel Henry needs to stop the ink flow in front of Sammy's office before popping away upon approaching.

As Henry chases him, he keeps popping away all the way to the end of the room, where he pops in specific areas every time Henry approaches him. After killing Swollen Jack with the wooden crate, the only thing he leaves behind is his bowler hat and the valve. Obtaining the valve, Henry will apologize that he had to kill him, before remarking how nice Swollen Jack's hat is.



  • Along with the Projectionist who was formerly Norman Polk, Swollen Jack is one of the few known corrupted workers called by a different name instead of their real name.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

  • Swollen Jack did not appear in older previous updates of Chapter 2 before the release of Chapter 4.
  • Killing Swollen Jack will unlock the "Special Hat" achievement.
  • If Swollen Jack teleports to the area where the wooden crate was not lifted up, there is an error causing him to clip the entire crate. The chance of making this to happen is slightly rare, however.


Description Audio
The Sound produced by Swollen Jack before Henry first approaches him. this sound is shared with the Swollen Searchers in Chapter 3.
The sounds produced whenever Swollen Jack rises in and out of the ink. These are shared with Brute Boris whenever he gushes ink out of his chest in Chapter 4.
Sfx boris ink gush 01
Sfx boris ink gush 02
Sfx boris ink gush 03
Sfx boris ink gush 04
Sfx boris ink gush 05
Sfx boris ink gush 06


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