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"On the plus side, I got a new character I think people are going to love."
- Henry Stein
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"People really seem to enjoy my Alice Angel voice. Sammy says she may be as popular as Bendy some day."
Susie Campbell's first audio log,
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 2

Susie Campbell is a veteran actress and secondary character appearing from Chapter 2 to 4 and briefly mentioned by Joey Drew in Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine in an audio log. She is the former voice actress of Alice Angel and worked at Joey Drew Studios for a few months also voicing other characters in the cartoons before being replaced by Allison Pendle.

According to Chapter 3, Alice/Susie indicated about her creation where she first started out as a "wriggling, pusing, shapeless slug" to a nearly human-shaped figure that “made her an angel".


Susie is a naïve young woman who has dreams of making it big. She sees the role of Alice as both her destiny and a gateway to go places, claiming that the character is the first she's had a connection with.[1] She had also once briefly been infatuated with Joey Drew when he called her "Alice", heard by her recording in the flooded morgue. Susie also has her moments of being emotional and desperate when things do not go her way, as revealed when she found out she was replaced by Allison Pendle. In Chapter 4, it is revealed that her personality has become more callous, egomaniacal, and lacking in sympathy and expressing disinterest upon discovering Joey's true intentions. It is also hinted at that she had somewhat of a romance with the Studio’s music director, Sammy Lawrence.

In-Game Appearances

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 2: The Old Song

Susie's audio log can be found near the recording booth of the recording studio. She says that she thinks she'll enjoy working at Joey Drew Studios even though she's not been there long. She's glad to see that Alice's voice has been well received, commenting that Sammy Lawrence thinks Alice could be popular as Bendy one day.

She remarks that although she's been voicing all sorts of other background characters for the cartoons, Alice is the first character that Susie has felt a proper connection with, hinting at her attachment to the character.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

Susie's diary cassette can be found from the "angel path" room if Henry chooses the Path of the Angel after first meeting Twisted Alice. In it, she is upset, explaining that she wasn't told that she had been replaced as Alice's voice until she met Sammy with the new voice actress, Allison Pendle. Feeling overwhelmed with rejection, she says she feels like a part of her has died and is desperate for a way to fix it.

A second diary, found in the large chamber of dead Boris clones and the Butcher Gang enemies before meeting Twisted Alice, has Susie telling of her lunch date with Joey Drew himself at Joe’s Fine Dining. She finds him charming, unlike what she expected, and is flattered when he refers to her as Alice instead of her real name.

As Twisted Alice, she mentions Susie when Henry is using the elevator after completing one of her tasks. She repeats a message found in the ink-written graffiti, "Dreams Come True" referencing Susie by name.

With the seeing tool, Susie's name can be seen on the coffin in the flooded morgue in Chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

Her only audio log appears right at the beginning of the chapter, in the archives room. In her audio log, being recorded after she had been replaced by Allison Pendle, she remarks how Joey Drew is saying things behind her back and that he wants to give her a new opportunity. Although this, Susie says she has something planned for Joey and reassures how Alice doesn't like liars.

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

In Joey's diary cassette that is located in his office, Susie is mentioned by Joey while discussing his plan to bring Alice Angel and the other cartoon characters to reality.

Novel Appearances

Dreams Come to Life

While Susie herself does not appear in the Dreams Come to Life novel, she is mentioned in more than one instance. She is first mentioned by Norman Polk when he is revealing the backstory of Joey Drew Studios, to which Dot mentions that she had met Susie once. She is later mentioned toward the end of the novel by Allison Pendle, whilst she and Thomas Connor are discussing the truth behind the Ink Machine and why they both were fired, with Daniel "Buddy" Lewek, who had never met her personally. Daniel attempts to ask Allison who she is, only for her to dismiss the question, stating that it was "not the point".


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Chapter 2: The Old Song

"It may only be my second month working for Joey Drew, but I can already tell I'm gonna love it here! People really seem to enjoy my Alice Angel voice. Sammy says she may be as popular as Bendy some day. These past few weeks I have voiced everything from talking chairs to dancing chickens. But this is the first character I really felt a connection with. Like she's a part of me. Alice and I, we are going places."
Susie's 1st audio log.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

"Everything feels like it's coming apart. When I walked into the recording booth today, Sammy was there with that... Allison. Apparently, I didn't get the memo. Alice Angel will now be voiced by Miss Allison Pendle. A part of me died when he said that. There's gotta be a way to fix this!"
Susie's 2nd audio log.

"Who would've thought? Me having lunch with Joey Drew! Apparently times are tougher than I thought. For a moment there, I though I'd be stuck with the check. But I gotta say, he wasn't at all what I expected. Quite the charmer. He even called me Alice. I liked it."
Susie's 3rd audio log.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

"They told me I was perfect for the role. Absolutely perfect. Now Joey's going around saying things behind closed doors. I can always tell. Now he wants to meet again tomorrow, says he has an "opportunity" for me. I'll hear him out. But if that smooth talker thinks he can double cross an angel and get away with it, well, oh he's got another thing coming. Alice, ooh she doesn't like liars."
Susie's 4th audio log.

"The work of a voice actress can be a tough one, mama. You never know what you're going to be voicing next. When you act in a proper theater ... you get to play romantic leads, maybe a queen ... some kind of villain. But ... when you work for Joey Drew ... you never know! I think that's why I love it so much! Every day is a surprise! Though... I do feel like I've been stuck with some low parts lately ... nothing really I can write home about. Sammy, our... our music director ... was also telling me they're working on a new character upstairs. Might require a female touch. I've got a good feeling something great is going to happen ..."
Audio log, dated August 2nd, 1932, by Susie Campbell.



  • Susie's obsession with Alice Angel, as well as her reaction to being replaced, the change of personality that followed, and her ideals in general appear to have been modeled after Joan Crawford, a well known actress who was also infamous for being an egomaniac, as well as haughty and abusive.
  • Susie worked at Joey Drew Studios for at least two months, helping to develop the character of Alice.[2]
  • According to the Hot Topic Q&A, Sammy refers to Susie as a "charming woman" and seems to love the way she smiles when he thinks about her.[3]

Chapter 2: The Old Song

  • Though Susie says the word "gonna" in the first line of her first voice recording of Chapter 2, the transcript uses the proper term "going to".
    • The word "have" from Susie's audio is also missing from another line of the transcript when she talks about feeling a connection to Alice.



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