A spoon is a kitchen utensil used for cooking, eating, or in some cases, mixing.


The spoon is depicted as a mixing spoon with a long handle and a large, round bowl, found in the corridors, tinted with a yellow texture like other wooden objects, very similar to every object throughout the Cycle.

Usage and Locations

Bendy and the Ink Machine

In Chapter 3: Rise and Fall, the spoons are first found in the kitchen area from the Safehouse, but none of them can be used or obtained.

In Chapter 5: The Last Reel, from the Prison at the start, the spoon is used to open the secret bathroom area within the cell area in order to obtain the Gent Pipe lodged in the toilet.

Boris and the Dark Survival

Spoons are one of the random items thatBuddy Boris needed to collect before he heads to the next levels.


<gallery columns="3" position="center"> File:SafehouseStove.jpg|The spoons near the stove in the Safehouse.

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