"Snow Sillies" is the third cartoon short for the series of Bendy cartoons, released on December 24, 2017 as a Christmas special before the next day of Christmas Eve, created by the Joey Drew Studios Inc. developers. Once removed in the unknown late date of 2018, the video was reuploaded on January 15, 2019.

From in-game universe, the cartoon was produced as a "mini short" from the animation company's heyday, to coincide with the 1934 holiday season, written and directed by Joey Drew.



The episode starts with Bendy carrying a snow ball to make a snowman, he puts some eyes and then make a face on it. After that Bendy put some sticks in the snowman for arms and then complements him. Boris appears walking while eating some carrots and fails to notice that a carrot falls on the ground.

Bendy takes the carrot and makes the nose of the snowman. But then the sun appears and melts the snowman completely. Boris returns and takes the carrot back. The episode ends with Bendy crying in sadness.


  • The music that plays for the cartoon is a Christmas song "Jingle Bells". This music is also used for the "Cookie Cookin" cartoon.


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