Small weapons are a type of weapon in Bendy in Nightmare Run.


Each weapon only deals single damage to bosses and enemies after picking up. While these weapons were considered the weakest, these can be very useful against the minion enemies and only takes 1 hit to kill them.


Bendy in Nightmare Run

These weapons appear as objects and can be customized. With the exception of the brick, each weapons worth 2.5K Bacon Soup. Although all weapons have the same hit points.

Name Unlock Requirement Image
Brick Available from the start. IconWeaponBrick.png
Bottle Beating Bendy Walks the Plank Coming soon.
Switchblade Beating Death and Taxis Coming soon.
Toaster Beating Soup Gone Bad Coming soon.
Skull Beating Dewey Decimated Coming soon.

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Collectibles Bacon Soup
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