"I don't be seein' what the big deal is."
Shawn Flynn's audio log,
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3

Shawn Flynn is an Irish merchandise worker of Heavenly Toys. As a creator of numerous toys based on the cartoon characters made from Joey Drew Studios, Shawn works in the Heavenly Toys department and is irritated about Joey Drew's perfectionism.


While his personality outside of work is unknown, (save for the fact that he has a somewhat twisted sense of humor, which is shown by the fact that Shawn painted some of the Bendy dolls incorrectly as a practical joke), Shawn appears to be a worker who is not as obsessed with detail as his employer is, and speaks in a working class Dublin accent.

He grows frustrated about getting accused of mistakes in his toy making, finding it frustrating that the people making such accusations are not helping the situation. Shawn is also implied to complain more than most workers on the job, judging by his tone of voice.

Based on his audio log from Boris and the Dark Survival, he seems to Harbor unhealthy attachments to inane objects such a “One-of-a-kind toolbelt”, as he recorded his frustration over losing the toolbelt and accusing an unnamed Gent employee(possibly Thomas Connor) of stealing it.


Early Life

Crooked Smile

He recalls an encounter with Joey who chastised him for making a batch of Bendy dolls with a "crooked smile". He remarks that if Joey wanted to help the situation, he could give hints on what to do with the piles of Alice Angel merchandise from the warehouse, as noted that he does not know Alice or her name very well, referring to her merchandise as "angel whatchamacallit".

Shawn remarks that Alice's merchandise is not selling well and thinks it is better for him to melt the dolls down than to keep them in a warehouse just to get rid of them all.[1]

Stolen toolbelt

He talks about how he bought a toolbelt for himself and how it wasn't on his shelf the day after. He even mentions that he saw a Gent employee with the same belt as his, which led him to accuse that the Gent employee being the reason as to why his toolbelt was gone.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

In Chapter 3: Rise and Fall, Shawn's audio log is located inside the toy machine room up the stairs and behind the entrance of Heavenly Toys.[1]

Boris and the Dark Survival

An audio log by Shawn is added in the Wolf Trials update and can be found randomly.


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Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

"I don't be seein' what the big deal is. So what if I went and painted some of those Bendy dolls with a crooked smile? That's sure no reason for Mr. Drew to be flyin' off the handle at me. And if he really wants to be so helpful, he could be tellin' me what I'm to be doin' with this warehouse I got full of that angel whatchamacallit. Not a scrap of that mess be a-sellin'! Probably have to melt it all down to be rid of it all."
Shawn's only audio log.

"So here's what I've been askin' meself: "Shawn, you've went and bought yourself a new, one-of-a-kind toolbelt. 'twas a beautiful thing. But last night, you put it up on your shelf, and the very next day, when you came back to this old toy factory, it was gone! Lost to t'in air." Now here's the very question I ask meself: "Isn't that new, one-of-a-kind toolbelt that Gent fella's wearin' this mornin' just such a beautiful thing? I wonder where he got it." As if I didn't know, that dirty bloke."
Shawn's audio log


General Facts

  • Shawn himself is voiced by a popular Irish YouTuber Seán McLoughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye. Furthermore, McLoughlin, unlike other voice actors, uses his natural speaking voice to voice Shawn Flynn.
    • Shawn was originally intended to be voiced by theMeatly, as well as countless others, but due to having troubles with using Irish accent during testing, as well as the fact that none of the other applicants had the accent that theMeatly was going for, he contacted McLoughlin about providing the voice: having already played the game on his channel, McLoughlin excitedly agreed.[2]
  • It's theorized by many that Shawn ends up becoming the Searcher Boss in Chapter 3.

In-Media Facts

  • When listening to Shawn's recording real carefully, there is a sound of somewhat steams and slight explosions from the machinery of the tape's background.
  • A tweet on Bendy and the Ink Machine game's official Twitter account hints that Shawn has gone missing after Joey Drew's outburst over the slightest imperfectly-made Bendy dolls.[3]
  • When using the Seeing Tool on his tape, the message "Top of the mornin'" can be read, referencing his voice actor's intro catchphrase.
  • The unused texture of Shawn's name.

    Shawn is the only employee whose fate remains unclear, his name is not on a coffin and he does not have any letters at Joey's apartment. However, his unused name texture was meant to be revealed by using the Seeing Tool, alluding that the developers intended to make him deceased.


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