"Speaking of which, and this is top secret, apparently Mr. Drew has another large project in mind now, and it ain't gonna be cheap." - Grant Cohen
Keep on a look out. This article refers a content for the upcoming project of the Bendy franchise.

This article is about the novel. For the 1933 Bendy cartoon, see Sent From Above.

Sent From Above is an upcoming second young adult novel written by Adrienne Kress and will be published by Scholastic Inc. Originally planned to be published in July 7, 2020, but the release date was pushed to August 1, 2020.


It's the summer of 1932 in New York City, and word on the street is that Joey Drew Studios is planning something BIG: A new cartoon character to star alongside the world-famous Bendy!

The new addition, Alice Angel, has the halo and sweet disposition to match her name, but the twisted tale of her creation can't be told from just one perspective. From the animators to the voice actresses to the guy who sweeps the floors, everyone has something to say about birth of the little angel who almost brought the most powerful cartoon studio in the big city to its doom.

Don't miss this exclusive, original novel written by award-winning author Adrienne Kress, with story by Bendy's game creators, theMeatly, Mike Mood, and Bookpast!

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