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This article is about the Bendy cartoon. For the novel, see Sent From Above (novel).

Sent From Above is a Bendy cartoon from Joey Drew Studios, featuring the first debut of Alice Angel and presented in Sillyvision on September 12, 1933.[1]

In Bendy and the Ink Machine, the cartoon was first mentioned in Chapter 2 by posters. A short clip of it can be seen in Chapter 5 inside the Throne Room.



It's unclear what the full plot of the cartoon is, though a clip from Chapter 5 displays Alice Angel floating on a cloud adjacent to the moon, singing.


  • The title "Sent From Above" is referenced in the lyrics from Alice's song, "I'm Alice Angel".
  • The cartoon's poster is slightly similar to Mickey Mouse's "Wild Waves" poster, with both Mickey's and Alice's pose nearly identical to each other along with almost exact same tagline referring to them singing and dancing.



  1. "Little girls around the country gain their own heroine when Alice Angel premieres in "Sent From Above"!" - Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook, page 84

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