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The Seeing Tool is a special tool which is made by glass and a couple of wires and is designed to locate hidden messages along with symbols and signs, previously owned by Allison Angel.

General Description


The Seeing Tool resembles a magnifying glass, though it's rectangular instead of circular. It has a battery pack strapped to the top of the frame, seemingly powering the lights on the inside of the glass, which are connected by black wire. Along with the battery pack, there is a small toggle switch to the right of it, which is seemingly used to turn the seeing tool on and off. At the bottom is a tawny brown handle partially wrapped in an unknown ink-stained material connected via a hinge.


The Seeing Tool is used differently than most other equipment items. Instead of being used as a weapon or collectible, the Seeing Tool is used to uncover the hidden messages that couldn't be seen before. It can be used on the walls, floor, or ceiling of a room and can also be used to see additional hidden details of another character.

The player is unable to walk when using the Seeing Tool but still can look around the surrounding corridor.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

At the beginning of Chapter 5: The Last Reel, after gaining Allison Angel's trust, she will come to Henry, give him the Seeing Tool and explain how it works.

After finishing the chapter and the whole game, a message will appear, informing that the tool can be used to reveal messages across all five chapters, starting at the beginning of Chapter 1.


  • Hovering over Allison Angel with the Seeing Tool will reveal a glowing halo above her head.
  • Hovering over Tom with the Seeing Tool will reveal a glowing bone in his mouth if the bone was given to Boris in Chapter 3.
  • Using the tool on one of the boxes in Chapter 4 will reveal a heart. This is a reference to the Companion Cube from the Portal series.
  • Hovering over a coffin will reveal the name of the person to which it belongs.
  • The Archives and the Brute Boris fight in Chapter 4 are the only places where the Seeing Tool cannot be used.
    • However, if Henry dies once by Brute Boris and then respawns, the Seeing Tool can be used, revealing the following names on the portraits: Daisy, Albert, Porter, Gwendolyn. The significance of this is unknown. The Seeing Tool also reveals a "FRIENDS TO THE END" message above the Ink Maker.
  • Henry grunts when pulling up the Seeing Tool, meaning it might've been heavy.
  • When being used, a droning sound will emit from the Seeing Tool.
  • The Seeing Tool may be a reference to the Lens of Truth from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, as they both serve similar purposes, the Seeing Tool revealing messages and the Lens of Truth revealing hidden passages.


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