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The Searcher Minibosses are enemies and a type of Searcher that appear in Chapter 3: Rise and Fall from Bendy and the Ink Machine, exclusive to the Lever Challenge minigame.



These variants are identical to normal Searchers with the only exception of being larger. They are the only type of Searchers that never have any unique distinctive features other than their size.


They behave much in the same way as their original variants. However, they move at a faster speed when chasing after Henry to attack, and are stronger. Searcher Minibosses have a slightly higher amount of both health and damage hits. Unlike the normal Searchers, when Henry hides in the Little Miracle Station, the Searcher Minibosses do not retreat and just stand idle until Henry comes back out.

Getting killed by the Searcher Minibosses leads Henry to start the enemy challenges all over again while respawning back from the Bendy statue in the power hallway near to the indoor balcony's entrance on Level K.


Equipping the axe, it takes 2-3 hits to kill the Searcher Minibosses, with the Gent Pipe it takes 5-6 hits.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

These enemies can be only encountered in the Heavenly Toys room but not anywhere else.

From the toy machine room later on before or after doing the task of collecting ink hearts on Level 14, pulling the first switch from the secret area causes a large pack of Searcher Minibosses to spawn in the Heavenly Toys room. There are twelve Searcher Minibosses to kill. Successfully killing all twelve Searcher Minibosses grants Henry access to activate the second switch from the toy machine room to fight a clone group of Butcher Gang enemies.


  • While the Searcher Miniboss's name is not mentioned in-game, it is found when looking into the game's coding.
  • The music that plays when the Searcher Minibosses are spawned is "Old Friends, New Faces", the same track used after killing the first Piper.
  • If Henry stands on the couch from either side, there is a chance to witness some of the Searcher Minibosses stop going after Henry and instead, going off to wander around the Heavenly Toy area's ink fountain clockwise for a little while. This also happens to the original Searchers, the Searcher Boss, Butcher Gang enemies, and Ink Bendy.
  • Searcher Minibosses, along with Boss Searchers are the only searchers that are larger than normal Searchers.


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