The scythe is a secret weapon hidden in Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is one of the most powerful weapons obtained in the game, besides the gun and the axe.


The scythe is a curved, black blade attached to a handle. The handle has an attachment with four small lights on it. The blade also has a small light. The scythe has a coil that connects the blade and the handle's attachment together.

It also uses the sepia-toned texture that the game inherits.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

Along with making the Sammy Searcher spawn, here are the ways to obtain the scythe: Complete the four chapters and trigger each secret horror vision without getting killed by enemies.

Finishing the following tasks should be successful enough to cause the scythe to appear in the Administration maze, located in one corridor area with the wall damaged by huge debris of stones.

Once killing the Sammy Searcher, however, the scythe will snap in half, making it impossible to be equipped again and making the player defenseless for the rest of the game.


  • The scythe's model is a direct foreshadowing hint towards Kindly Beast's game Showdown Bandit, where the antagonist by the name of Faceless Bandit equips a similar scythe.
  • The scythe is referred to in-game files as "New_Axe", although this name seems inaccurate because the weapon's model is actually based on more of a scythe than an axe.
  • When using, the scythe plays the same sound as Beast Bendy when he swings his arm to attack Henry.
  • The scythe appears to be capable of breaking the Ink Machine's pump pipes during Beast Bendy's boss fight without having Beast Bendy himself ramming into them. This can be only used through hacking.
  • If Henry kills the Sammy Searcher, before killing the other Searchers, the Scythe still breaks and the Searchers will linger for a few seconds, making it possible to die after losing the Scythe.


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