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The Sammy Searcher is a type of Searcher and secret enemy found at the last chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine.



The Sammy Searcher is a slightly enlarged Searcher that is wearing Sammy's Mask. Besides this, the Sammy Searcher has no differences to a normal Searcher.


The Sammy Searcher behaves identically to the normal Searchers, following after Henry in an attempt to attack him.


The strategy of defeating the Sammy Searcher is actually quick and simple, only taking a single strike from the scythe to kill it.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

This unique enemy is hidden as a secret. To make the Sammy Searcher appear, the player must trigger every horror vision without getting killed during gameplay. Then, in Chapter 5, bring all three of the Butcher Gang enemies from the Administration Maze to the Lobby and let them die to Ink Bendy's ink web. Finally, finish the pipe puzzle in the Gent Home Office and drain the ink from the Film Vault entrance. Doing the following steps correctly will cause the Sammy Searcher to spawn in Joey Drew's office after walking back to the Administration maze.

With the scythe equipped, the Sammy Searcher will spawn inside Joey's office after the player takes a step to the entrance door. Killing this Searcher will trigger a sudden horror vision, but also causes the scythe to break in half, making the said weapon unable to be obtained or used again.


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