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Ruby Goldberg is one of the supporting characters from the Bendy comics. She only appeared in the "Syndicated"-era comic strips from the early-mid 1930s.

General Description

Physical Appearance

She is a slim, black-haired human woman with what appears to be ears that look like those of a dog or rabbit. Ruby wears a sepia dress with a wavy collar and a cream line at the end, an apron with two straps around her waist, white gloves, shiny black boots, loosed white socks and earrings.


Ruby is a typical kind of woman that loves cooking. However she also gets ticked off when it comes to mischief, as every time Bendy tries to steal one of her apple pies, she will resort to extreme methods to get back at him, like trapping Bendy in a cage or putting a jack-in-a-box boxing glove in her pie to get back at him. Although by the end of the comic, Ruby feels pity for Bendy and decides to share her pie with him, showing that deep down she can be empathetic.

Comic Appearances

  • Pie and Pop (1931) - Bendy tries to steal on of her pies, only to get hit by a jack-in-a-box boxing glove hidden inside it. She later shows up and laughs at Bendy.
  • What Crumbs Around, Goes Around (1932) - Bendy once again steals her apple pie, and decides to set up a stand to try and sell it. Ruby notices this, and so destroys the stand and takes her pie back.
  • F for Effort (1933) - The Woolly Triplets try to pickpocket her by having one on them disguised as a baby on a stroller, only for them to get arrested by the Pig Cop.
  • Ode to Reuben (1933) - Ruby traps Bendy in a cage using a trap after he once again tries to steal her apple pie.
  • Pie and the Sky (1935) - After seeing Bendy sad after a series of terrible events, Ruby decides to finally share her pie with him.


  • Her name is officially confirmed by Vannotes, as given by Mady Giuliani. She is also referred as "the pie lady" in Vannotes' script.[1]
  • Ruby's appearance is stunningly similar to the Popeye character Olive Oyl.
  • Ruby's name is based on the cartoonist Rube Goldberg.


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