A respawning pentagram as seen in Chapter 2's early version.

The respawning pentagram is an early version of the game's respawning point, first introduced in update patch 0.2 for Bendy and the Ink Machine only in Chapter 2.

Upon Chapter 3's release, it was ultimately replaced by the Bendy Statue.

It is a pentagram drawn in ink, with a black blob in the center. If one looks carefully at the blob in the pentagram, it appears to be slowly moving in a similar fashion to a heart beating. Around the area are several ink splotches.

The respawning pentagram can be only found in the hallway close to the doorway of the Music Department. If killed and respawned, Searchers will have a rare chance to be spawned in waiting for Henry. The respawning point's symbol is made up of exactly five ink-drawn pentagrams layered on top of each other. Each pentagram is rotated by 72 degrees.