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The Record or The Vinyl Record is a gramophone vinyl sold by the Mitchell Orchestra Company. In Bendy and the Ink Machine, the record is used as an item from the very first chapter. In Boris and the Dark Survival , it's one of the items found in Boris and the Dark Survival One of the records is also visible in the phonograph.


It is a disc record. Its label reads "Bendy" in bold black letters. The title of the song is "The Lighter Side of Hell".

In-Game Appearances

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Record laying under the desk

The record first appeared in Chapter 1: Moving Pictures. It is one of the six items Henry needs to collect for fixing the Ink Machine. The record is located in the Small Office, under the desk.

In Chapter 2: The Old Song, several records appear as decoration for the Music Department's logo, with one of them that seems to go missing.

Boris and the Dark Survival

The record is one of the randomly generated supplies that Buddy Boris needs to collect before he heads to the next levels. But Henry cannot interact with any of them


General Facts

  • The song sheet for "The Lighter Side of Hell".

    Below the label, the record reads "The Lighter Side of Hell", a title for one of the songs for Bendy's cartoons. In Chapter 2, there are music sheets for the song. If the song sheet is played on a piano, it sounds like this.
  • The presence of the phonograph implies that the disc must be a 78 rpm shellac record since the machine cannot play vinyl records. However, the "Stereo" marking on the label suggests the record has a stereophonic sound that would not exist until a decade after the vinyl LP was invented in 1948.
  • The inkwell has the record's description texture on top of its pen, only easily visible when using the modeling program.

In-Game Facts

  • A record in the Art Room.

    In older versions until the update from Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders' release, the record can be located randomly in more than one location:
    • A record in the Foyer.

      Art Room: Found hidden under the drawing desk.
    • Foyer: Way to the end, from the right corner, the record was found next to the drawing desk.
  • From Chapter 2's pre-update where it first came out, the record also appears laying on the floor inside the room where Sammy's remains are found. This image view is displayed after the chapter's ending credits.


Description Audio
The current sound produced when the record is collected.
The sound produced when placing the record on the pedestal in the break room.
The old sound produced when the record is collected.


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