Ray Gould is one of the new developers introduced to develop since Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. He is the main sound designer of the game.


Ray Gould is a music composer and a sound designer, he was born in Toronto, Canada and currently lives in Ottowa, Canada.

In 2016, he created the audio company "soundkamera" to provide high quality outsourced sound and music for interactive media. Ray advocates a style of 3D modelling for sound to create cinematic sonic events for games and interactive media. The potential to collaborate on innovative games that push the boundaries of the user's experience is a key driving force behind soundkamera.

Ray Gould’s career spans over fifteen years in the film, sound, and recording industry. His work covers a range of formats, including wide-release feature films, children’s TV shows, corporate websites, indie art films and, most recently, sound design and music composition for games. He has worked as the lead ADR and voice engineer for local and remote recording, working with actors and directors in North America and Europe. Ray is avid proponent of organic sounds and believes that custom recordings and foley effects can add high value to most projects without excessive cost.

Known works

Kindly Beast
Joey Drew Studios Inc.
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Karman Interactive Coming soon.
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