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Papa Pluto is the ruler of the underworld and the antagonist of the Bendy comic strips of the Dime Store era.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Papa Pluto is a slight slender-looking demon wearing a black suit, a Dracula-styled cape collar, a bowtie, and a pair of white gloves with small pointy nails. He has bat-like ears, spike-shaped horns, black hair, a crooked nose, and razor-sharp teeth. He has full details for his pie-cut eyes, especially including irises.


As the king of hell, Papa Pluto is sinister and malicious. Although both Papa Pluto and Bendy are related and are both demons, they actually are enemies.

Comic Appearances

  • Papa Pluto's Pitchfork - Though not physically appearing in the comic himself, Papa Pluto's pitchfork was delivered to Bendy, which he will own the pitchfork and use it to make wishes to become a rich billionaire.[1]
  • The Devil's Treasure - From this comic adaptation of the same cartoon, Papa Pluto appeared as the antagonist, under the name "The Flying Dutchdevil".


  • The name "Pluto" is the Roman name for the Greek mythological god Hades, who is also the lord of the underworld.
  • Papa Pluto may have been based on Pluto from the Silly Symphony short's The Goddess of Spring; both shares the same name, both are devils with their physical characteristics popularly depicted by the vintage eras, both wore cape collars, and both are rulers of hell.
  • The Flying Dutchdevil, the name given for Pluto's The Devil's Treasure role, is a parody of the legendary ghost ship Flying Dutchman.


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