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The Orphans are a group of characters that appeared in the "Dime Store"-era Bendy comics.

General Description

Physical Appearance

The Orphans are a group of anthropomorphic animal children. These include rabbits, cats, dogs, pigs and many others.


The Orphans are just your typical children: always ready to cause trouble but are also very kind and cheerful. On top of that, they are always ready to fight away any enemies that might show up, due to the Orphanage Nuns not being able to cause any harm.

Comic Appearances

Their only appearance is in Alice the Aviator. They are seen evacuating the courtyard after Barley takes down Alice's plane so they can take the medicine they need. After the nuns take care of his plane, the orphans are then seen throwing stones at him, making him run away. They are last seen waving Alice goodbye after she takes off with her newly repaired plane.

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