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"Thanks, Joey. Just what I needed. More distractions. These stupid cartoon songs don't write themselves, you know."
- Sammy Lawrence
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"It's been quite a struggle to put this into words, Nathan. After so many years, you know I'd never ask unless it was dire, but when a man's in a spot, he should call upon his friends!"
Joey Drew's message to Nathan,
Boris and the Dark Survival

Nathan Arch, Sr. is the owner of the film company Archgate Films, a World War I corporal, and one of the old friends of Joey Drew.[1]


Joey Drew Studios on the verge of Bankruptcy

A tape recorded by Joey Drew was at some point sent to Nathan, whilst the latter had been vacationing in South America with his spouse, Tessa. The tape mentioned that Joey would never ask him for help unless absolutely necessary, and how he believed that when one is in a tight spot, they should ask for help, and bluntly states that the Studio is running low on funding, and Joey requested that Nathan send him additional funding, before wishing both Nathan and Tessa well on their vacation. It is currently unknown what Nathan's response to the plea was.


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