Mr. Snowman is a minor character made by Bendy that lasts for a short time, who only appears in the Christmas special short Snow Sillies from the series of Bendy cartoons.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Mr. Snowman is a snowman made with two large round snowballs. He has a carrot for a nose, a hand-drawn mouth, and a pair of either buttons or coals as eyes. He also has a pair of twigs for arms.


Mr. Snowman is shown to be grateful to Bendy by shaking hands for building him in a finished state.


Snow Sillies

In this animated short, Bendy builds Mr. Snowman with two large snowballs, two coals for eyes, and twigs for arms. The snowman suddenly comes alive briefly and shakes Bendy's hand to show his thanks before turning lifeless again. To completely finish making the snowman, Bendy grabs a carrot previously dropped by Boris and uses it for the snowman's nose. Unfortunately after Bendy does so, the sun rises up and causes the snowman to melt into a puddle. Bendy grieves over the puddle as Boris walks past and reclaims the carrot.


  • Thought to be genderless due to being just a created snowman, Mr. Snowman's gender (especially along with his name) was revealed from his joke death date in the tweet by the animator TimetheHobo on Twitter while wishing everyone a Merry Christmas shortly after the "Snow Sillies" video was released.[1]



  1. "Merry Xmas eve folks! :) RIP Mr Snowman 2017-2017." - TimeTheHobo. December 24, 2017. Twitter.
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