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Miss Twisted is one of the antagonists from the Bendy comics. She only appeared in Souper Boris, a comic from the Dime-Store Comic era.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Miss Twisted is a slim woman with small, black horns, very sharp teeth, and black lipstick. Her blonde, spiky hair is styled in pigtails tied by black hair ties with a small tuft on the back of her head. She wears a backless white dress with a black-trimmed skirt, a bat-like bow on the chest, and a black belt with studs on it. She has very long, springy arms wearing gloves with crosses on the backs over white detached sleeves. She also wears a black choker around her neck and a pair of long black boots.


Miss Twisted loves to steal from anyone and anywhere. It ranges from stealing priceless artwork to pickpocketing. She is also clever as she made a plan to stop her enemy Souper Boris. Despite her intelligence, she is easily tricked. And while capable of being patient, she will get grumpy when she misses radio dramas.

Comic Appearances

Her one and only appearance was in Souper Boris. She tried to steal one of Leonardo da Bendy's masterpieces before Souper Boris stopped her via tying her stretchy arms into a knot. After escaping from prison, she teamed up with Cameraman and The Brute to stop their mutual enemy.

After luring Souper Boris out, who at the time lost his powers due to running out of irradiated bacon soup, attempted to eliminate him once and for all. She was defeated by Souper Boris via pinning her hands onto a lobster tank with the lobsters themselves. She is last seen entering a petty wagon as wolf cops thank Souper Boris for saving the day as they sending her to jail in the wagon.


  • Her appearance design is most likely yet strikingly based on Steven Universe's ex-antagonist Spinel, from Steven Universe: The Movie who was also inspired by 1930s Rubberhose animation.
  • Miss Twisted may be an allegory for Twisted Alice, much like how Cameraman and The Brute are allegories for the Projectionist and Brute Boris respectively.
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