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The Miner Searcher is an enemy and unique variant of the Searcher. It makes minor appearances in some chapters of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


Physical Description

The Miner Searcher is nearly identical to the regular Searcher; the obly difference is that Miner Searcher wears a miner hat.


Upon spotting Henry, the Miner Searcher will try to approach Henry to attack. Luckily, the Miner Searcher is very slow, and is easy to escape.

In Chapter 2, after the Miner Searcher kills Henry, it strangely disappears after he respawns.


The axe is needed to damage the Miner Searcher. It can take between 3 to 4 hits before dying, making it stronger than the standard variant.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 2: The Old Song

The Miner Searcher going after Henry downstairs.

The Miner Searcher can spawn in the Ritual Room after Henry turns the second valve in from the infirmary, with an audio cue signaling that is has spawned. Upon the player's first encounter with it, it will be seen on the occult symbol, remaining idle until Henry approaches. Once it is a approached, it will slowly chase you until it is killed with the axe.

There is an alternative death for this enemy. When taking the Miner Searcher to the boiler room where Henry kills Swollen Jack for the turnwheel, Henry can use the same strategy to kill the Miner Searcher. Activating the switch with the Miner Searcher underneath the pallet will crush it, and therefore kill it. Doing so will cause a brief horror vision to appear. Its miner hat remains, similar to Swollen Jack's bowler hat.

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

During the fight between the Lost Ones and the Searchers in the Lost Harbor, a group of Miner Searchers will spawn and attack Henry. They usually attack in packs of three working alongside other groups to attack Allison Angel and Tom.


  • From older updates, the Miner Searcher was not implemented from that time. In Chapter 3: Rise and Fall's update for Chapter 2: The Old Song before the release of Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders, the enemy that spawns in the pentagram room is instead the original Searcher.
  • Unlike many other enemies in the game, this is the only enemy to have two alternate deaths (Minus killing an enemy with different weapons).
  • Before Chapter 5: The Last Reel, there was a glitch Henry can perform by having the Miner Searcher follow him to Sammy's office, pulling the lever, playing the animation where Sammy Lawrence hits Henry with Wally's dustpan and having the Miner Searcher kill Henry mid-cutscene. This bug also happens with one of the regular Searchers. This was later fixed in the update for Chapter 5's release.
    1. This for unknown reasons causes the filter and the whispering voices that appear when Henry crushes the Miner Searcher with the container Henry used to kill Swollen Jack to cover the screen for the rest of Chapter 2: The Old Song. During this time, Henry will not be able to run or walk backwards, however, the upside is that nothing will be able to kill him. Searchers would not even notice Henry, Ink Bendy would never be able to move or kill Henry, and his running animation will loop infinitely in place.
    2. Upon transitioning to Chapter 3: Rise and Fall, the filter would disappear and Henry has a full range of movement, along with losing his immortality, but the whispering audio would still play indefinitely.


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