Mike Mood is the co-creator and one of the main developers of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


Mike Mood is a Canadian game developer, he currently resides in Montreal, a city in the province of Quebec in Canada. He is also the co-creator of Joey Drew Studios Inc. (formerly know as theMeatly Games Ltd.) along with theMeatly, and the president of Mood Foundation, both are freelance video games' companies.

Mike Mood is specialized in Unity3D, programming and databases' creations. He first worked as an asset publisher for the Unity Assets Stores, selling textures and models for videos games, but he started to work as a game developer only one years later, he worked on games for Mike Desjardins, Karman Ltd. and several others companies...

Prior to becoming a game developer, Mike worked as a number of minimum wage occupations, most notably, EB Games, of which he was a clerk.

In 2017, he released his game Bendy and the Ink Machine, made with theMeatly, the game became a success giving more notoriety to Mike Mood.

Mike is married to Jillian Mood.

Known works

  • Programmer
  • Game mechanics
  • Visual effects
  • Optimizations
  • Voice acting for Thomas Connor


  • Mike Mood's birthday is January 12th.
  • While Mike Mood is aware about the Bendy and the Ink Machine Wiki, he stated that the development team never really confirm or adding trivial facts on the Wiki as this said site is only run by collaborative fans.[1]
  • One of his avatars was made by TimetheHobo in to celebrate his wedding.
  • As an Easter egg in Chapter 5, Mike is listed in the appointment schedule, written "M.M. meeting (out of office)" at 2:45.
  • When asked on Twitter what he did prior to game developing, he had the following to say on the subject:
    • Paper route.
    • Ice cream bike.
    • Bunch of fast food places.
    • Butcher.
    • EB Games!
    • Truck unloader.
    • Door to door sales.
    • Phone tech support.
    • Banker.
    • Medical clinic call center.
    • IT services for legal and health industries.
    • About a dozen others he forgot.



Interviews & Videos


  1. "I'll go one step further in saying we have never confirmed or added "facts" on the wiki, this is all run by fans. So much of this is some fun guesswork on their part. ;)" - Mike Mood. January 12, 2018. Twitter.
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