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"I wish this mansion monster would disappear!"
Bendy, Papa Pluto's Pitchfork

The Mansion Monster is a minor antagonist who appeared once in the Dime Store comics.

General Description

Physical Appearance

It is a giant, wide, brick-made, cylinder-shaped castle mansion beast with towers for arms, flat two-toed feet, and a rooftop as a "hat". Two windows formed into eyes, the entrance became a large toothy mouth, and the bridge as its tongue.


Other than appearing ferocious in demeanor, there is nothing else to describe the monster's whole personality.


Its role in Papa Pluto's Pitchfork is very brief. Bendy uses Papa Pluto's trident to wish for a bigger castle-like mansion to replace his old house, but it was soon later brought to life when the trident's magic starts to become corrupted. It was quickly dissolved into ruins when Bendy (in panic) wishes the monster to disappear.


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