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This article is about the object. For the location, see Little Miracle Radio & TV Service.

The Little Miracle Station, otherwise known as the Miracle Station for short, is a hiding spot used to hide from monsters in the Cycle, especially the Ink Demon.

General Description


If observed carefully, it appears to be disguised as the Tasty Eats machines seen around the locations but was built in a similar structure to an outhouse. The front wooden door is printed with a halo drawn with ink to signify Alice Angel's own halo. It also has a "Little Miracle Station" sign with another halo above it. Wooden boards and metal plates are bolted to the outer walls.

The inside is very empty with a small ledge near the bottom, and with a metal plate fitted on the wall.


The Little Miracle Station is used to hide from an enemy or stop its chase. In Bendy and the Ink Machine, the Butcher Gang enemies (Piper, Fisher, and Striker) will walk away, and the Searchers disappear into ink. In Boris and the Dark Survival, all enemies will walk away after hiding in a miracle station. The Projectionist also seems affected to this when Henry hides in The Little Miracle Station.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

  • In Chapter 3: Rise and Fall, several of the stations appear constantly throughout the chapter and can be utilized by Henry to hide from any attackers, most notably Ink Bendy and the Projectionist. However, if Ink Bendy is close enough while Henry is opening the door from the Little Miracle Station for the attempt to hide, he will be killed.
  • In Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders, there is a Little Miracle Station in the lounge and two in Storage 9, although there aren't any monsters here so they're useless. The only time where the station is used is while searching the power lever in the Maintenance, Henry must hide in it to avoid the Projectionist and watch it exchanging blows with Ink Bendy before Henry can complete the task to power up the Haunted House.
  • In Chapter 5: The Last Reel, there are three Little Miracle Stations. Two are located in the rooms of the Administration maze and the other is located outside of the maze. Henry uses the stations to hide from the Butcher Gang members if they see him since Henry has no weapon to defend himself from them.

Boris and the Dark Survival

The Little Miracle Stations are noticeable by the glowing halo sign on the top of the stations' roof. Buddy Boris can use them to hide from Ink Bendy, Twisted Alice, the Projectionist, and the Butcher Gang.


Chapter 3: Rise and Fall
  • At the end of the trailer room, the player can see an unusable station with the door being broken and the message " FEEL FAMILIAR?" in it. This is actually an Easter Egg from the developers referring to the Chapter 3 reveal trailer.
  • There is a broken Little Miracle Station in the inner sanctum that cannot be used.
  • In the Inky Abyss, there is a glitch when you hide in a Miracle Station while the projectionist is chasing you, he will continue to do his swing arm animation and you are stuck in the miracle station. This is still not fixed.

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Description Audio
The sound of Henry entering the miracle station.
The sound of Henry exiting the miracle station.


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