"I get most of my time to myself. Suits me just fine."
Lacie's audio log, Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 4

Lacie Benton was an engineer assisting in the construction of Bendy Land. She is a middle-aged Southerner with a slightly low voice and an Appalachian accent, and only known through her audio log in Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


She seems to dislike the behavior of the other workers on site because of their constant arguments and slacking on the job, seeing them as "morons". Seemingly, she prefers working on her own because of this, which also suggests that she is somewhat antisocial, although she appears to have had some contact with Bertrum Piedmont, whose mechanical Bendy unnerved her, to the point where she believed it could move on its own. As stated by herself, she apparently has an ulcer, but it is unknown what type of ulcer. Because of the fact that she is fine working on her own, it is implied that she feels superior compared to the capabilities of her fellow workers.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 2: The Old Song

Lacie's coffin can be found in Utility Shaft 9. This can be revealed using the seeing tool.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

Lacie Benton's audio log is found in the second room located from the Research and Design department off of Storage 9 after sneaking past the Butcher Gang enemies, beside the department's lever required to power the Haunted House and open the Attraction Storage department.

Finishing her displeased review on the employees' laziness in the warehouse, Lacie notes her disturbance regarding the Bendy animatronic Bertrum partly constructed, describing the mention of the robot's supposed movement function, and thought it will move on its own while not being watched.


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"The only thing that works around here is my ulcer. Half these people don't know a wrench from a dang steamroller. Buncha morons is what they are. Spend their day in the warehouse arguin' over who's supposed to be doin' what or playing them silly games. Still, I'm not complainin'. I get most of my time to myself. Suits me just fine. Only thing that bothers me is that mechanical demon in the corner. Bertrum's been working on it for a month now. Says it will walk someday and maybe dance. All it does now is give me the creeps. I swear, when my back's turned, that thing's movin'."
Lacie's audio log.


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