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"On the plus side, I got a new character I think people are going to love."
- Henry Stein
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This article is about a character. For the creature Jack became, see Swollen Jack.

"I love the quiet, and that's hard to come by these busy times."
Jack Fain's audio log,
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 2

Jack Fain is a former lyricist of the Music Department at Joey Drew Studios working for famous Joey Drew, Like several other employees working for the old animation studio, he fell victim to the ink machine being corrupted into an ink monster by unknown circumstances transforming him into a Swollen Searcher while having his bowler hat as an accessory.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Based on the first game's achievement's icon unlocking for meeting his monster form, the only description from the game of Jack's human self before his transformation is wearing a bowler hat, which is also his only remaining feature and accessory of his monster self.

At the opening night party for Ira Gershwin's Girl Crazy, where Joey Drew first met Jack, he was described to have been wearing dark grey trousers with red suspenders, a white button-up shirt, an orange vest, and a brown bow tie along with his bowler hat.


Based on his audio log, Jack Fain is a lyricist for the songs in the Bendy cartoons and loves it when everything remains silent. He also seems to admire Sammy's songs, saying that they "always got some bounce". As evident by the fact that he prefers to work in the oddly-placed office in the sewers, he could be considered bizarre, and something of a proverbial outsider, while also introverted, given the constant interruptions in the rest of the Music Department.

In The Illusion of Living, Jack is shown to actually be rather extroverted and adores his time in the spotlight, in contrast to his partner Sammy. While this may seem to go against how he is presented in his audio logs, Jack later goes on to state that he needs a quiet place to work, meaning that while being very extroverted when in public scenarios, Jack tends to prefer being alone to recharge and focus on his work.


Early Life

Living in the Sewers

Jack describes his love for being in quiet places and remarks that his work station in the sewers is just perfect for him. He also compliments Sammy's songs, although he remarks that if he cannot get away once in a while, he would not be able to write lyrics for them. So in that case, he remarks that he will keep the singing in his mind while holding his nose due to the sewers' acrid smell.[1]

Thoughts about the Studio

Jack documents his personal thoughts regarding his position at the studio, only to be interrupted by inspiration as he sees a potential song lyric based on his words.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

In Chapter 2: The Old Song, Jack Fain's audio log can be found on the desk located in the flooded sewers below the infirmary.[1]

Boris and the Dark Survival

An audio log recorded by Jack Fain can be randomly found in one of the levels.


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Chapter 2: The Old Song

"I love the quiet, and that's hard to come by these busy times. And yeah sure it may stink to high heaven down here. But it's just perfect for an old lyricist like me. Sammy's songs always got some bounce, but if I didn't get away once in a while, they'd never have any words to go with them. So I'll keep my mind a-singin' and my nose closed."
Jack's audio log.

"Ugh... A person shouldn't live for their coffee break, but you try having Sammy's songs playing all day in your head over and over and over, like a parade, you're front row to the bass drum solo! So I'm just here for the coffee and the quiet... Hey, 'coffee and quiet', that wouldn't be a bad song lyric! Where's my pencil?"
Jack's audio log.

"Ok, the smell is kinda starting to get me now. Ever since they started putting in more pipes, it's really begun to flow a lot more down here. The good news is that it's helped me to work on things a lot faster. Definitely been some of my best lyrics lately. Sammy and I even won an award for one of our songs last month... I was told. Of course it had Mister Drew's name on the award, but it's the thought that counts. Speaking of which, I saw Mister Drew the other day... was meeting with that Connor fellow, holding some papers. Why they'd want to meet down here is beyond me. Something stinks."
Audio log, dated November 18th, 1943, by Jack Fain.


  • Along with his monster form, Jack Fain's audio log did not appear in older previous updates of Chapter 2 before the release of Chapter 4.
  • Jack Fain and Sammy Lawrence's names could be references to Sammy Fain and Jack Lawrence, both of whom were song composers.
  • Jack Fain is voiced by Bookpast, the story director of Bendy and the Ink Machine.
  • From the transcript for Jack Fain's audio log, the word "heaven" from his line "And yeah sure it may stink to high heaven down here" was spelled "hevean" as a spelling error/oversight.

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