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"On the plus side, I got a new character I think people are going to love."
- Henry Stein
This article may contain unmarked details of spoilers. If you wish not to read without spoiling yourself, play the game, watch the cartoon, or read the book first, depending on the article's topic.

Instruments are a series of musical objects that the player character can interact with in Chapter 2 and 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine and Boris and the Dark Survival.


There are six types of instruments: the banjo, violin, bass fiddle, drum, piano, and pipe organ.

They make a respective instrument sound when interacted with by pressing "E".


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 2: The Old Song

The instruments in the recording studio are the key to solving Sammy's music puzzle in order to gain access to Sammy's Sanctuary.

To solve the puzzle, the player must interact with the instruments in the order mentioned in one of Sammy Lawrence's audio logs while having the projector in the projection booth turned on.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

A banjo can be found in the safe house, near the kitchen, sitting next to Buddy Boris. Some drums, violins, bass fiddles, banjos, and a piano are also found in the stairs close to Level 11. If they are played in this order:

  • Bass fiddle
  • Piano
  • Banjo
  • Drum

It is possible to hear the voice of Sammy saying:

"We've all been waiting. But now...he will"
Sammy's line from completing the puzzle.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

A pipe organ can be seen in the ballroom. However, Henry cannot interact with it since the instrument appears to be damaged.

Boris and the Dark Survival

The instruments come back in Boris and the Dark Survival. They can be interacted and make some music. In the Symphony of Shadows update, they're needed to unlock a secret audio log.


  • Lacking a chinrest, and being quite a bit thicker, the in-game violin bears a slightly different appearance from that of a real-life modern violin.
    • Also, lacking a bow, the violin is plucked instead, even though the sounds of the violin depicted in Sammy's voice recording are typically made with the bowing techniques.
  • There is no wind instrument in Chapter 2, specifically a clarinet for the episode "Sheep Songs!"
    • However, it is speculated that Boris has the clarinet since it is his.
  • The pipe organ is the only instrument not to be a part of the puzzle.
    • When the pipe organ is played, a distant moan can be heard.
    • If the player plays the pipe organ five times, they will be granted an achievement called "Johnny's Broken Heart".


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