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The Ink Toy is an interactive object from Chapter 3: Rise and Fall of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The toy is a ball made out of a slimy, ink-like substance. It is placed on an ink-stained soup bowl. Pressing "E" on the ink toy will cause it to change forms in the following order - Bendy Doll, Boris Doll, Alice Angel Doll, the Ink Machine, and then the cycle repeats.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

The ink toy changing forms.

The ink toy is located inside the toy machine room next to Shawn Flynn's audio log.

The ink toy plays a vital role in this chapter, depending on Henry's choices.

  • Ink Machine - Obtaining the Tommy gun. Henry must change the ink toy the Ink Machine's shape and take the demon route without dying after choosing the "demon" path room. If successful, Henry will obtain the Tommy gun at the final fetch quest for Twisted Alice.
  • Boris - Lever Challenge from the Heavenly Toys room. Change the ink toy into a Boris plush shape before taking the angel route after choosing the "angel" path room, and complete all fetch quests without dying from the enemies' attacks. Note that Henry must break the boards off from the door to the blocked room on Level 9 where another axe should be located during the quest on finding and destroying the Bendy cutouts and save it later on before doing a final fetch quest on navigating the ink hearts.


  • The skull.

    On rare occasions while changing the ink toy into shapes, it can turn into a skull for a split second instead of a sphere.
  • Prior to the enhanced update patch upon Chapter 4's release, the lever challenge remained freely unlockable without shifting the ink toy to a Boris doll.
  • The Ink Machine that is shown when morphing the ink toy is the beta version.


Description Audio
The sound produced when interacting with the ink toy.


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