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"Whether you need a pipe, a gear, a plunger, or a radio, the Ink Maker can build it for you at a little to no cost to our company!"
Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook, page 126

The Ink Maker is an item-generating device made by Gent, seen in Chapter 4 and 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


While appearing to act as a miniature Ink Machine, it resembles a slot machine, with a slot at the front, a lever, and a disc with symbols on it on the sides. Gent's logo is printed on it. 

The Ink Maker is a machine capable of making certain items out of thick ink. When a thick ink blob is put into its slot, the player can turn the symbols on the wheel to choose what it turns into before activating, such as a gear, a cup, a music radio, a bone, a plunger (on a secret wheel that can be found) and a Gent pipe.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

There are currently three Ink Makers in Chapter 4. One is in the Cavern outside the Archives, to activate the cable car that will transport Henry across the huge pit, Henry needs to obtain the thick ink from the Swollen Searcher. To get the thick ink, Henry must follow two short corridors to reach a small room with a large pipe, where he needs to pull the lever that opens the pillar, turn the valve that summons the Swollen Searcher, grab the scooped Thick Ink from it, put it in the machine, and create a gear to fix the bridge machine.

There is a broken version of this in the Research and Design department, where the tape of Lacie Benton and the deactivated Bendy Animatronic is.

There is another Ink Maker in the Haunted House, which Henry must use to defeat Brute Boris. Henry must collect the scooped ink from Brute Boris when he is bleeding, then put it in the machine, make a Gent pipe, and use it to defeat Brute Boris. If Henry has obtained a wheel, which can produce the plunger, then he can make the Ink Maker create a plunger instead of a Gent pipe.

It appears that the weapons created by it will break after one hit, due to it being composed of ink.

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

The Ink Maker returns in the final chapter. It first appears in the Loose Boards Room across the boards on the other side. Then it is in the Administration Lobby where Henry needs to bring Thick Ink to it to make pipes to drain the ink in the hallway leading to the film vault.


  • An achievement "Unlikely Victory" will be obtained if Brute Boris is defeated with the plunger.
  • In Chapter 4, if one creates a radio from the Ink Maker and turn it on, the achievement "Finger Waggin'" will be earned.
    • When listening to the radio from the Ink Maker, the song "Can't Be Erased" by JT Music will be played.


Description Audio
The sound of ink being put into the Ink Maker.
The sound of the Ink Maker spitting out an item.
The sound of the Ink Maker taking in ink.
The sound of selecting an item on the Ink Maker.


Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

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