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Hellfire Fighter is the sixth cartoon short for the series of Bendy cartoons and presented in Sillyvision, released on March 5, 2019.

In-game, it was directed and written by Joey Drew, released in 1933.



The cartoon starts with a view of the firehouse. The screen cuts to a bell ringing while Boris is eating some soup. Bendy then appears running in a panic about the ringing bell. He then climbs on the table where Boris is eating and waves in front of him. After he points to the bell, Boris then notices the bell ringing which makes him spit his soup on Bendy's face in surprise, causing Bendy to fall down. Boris then rushes to the lower floor on a fire pole, accidentally breaking it, after that Bendy comes down and hits his face on the wall dropping his hat, while Boris takes the firetruck and drives away. Bendy then goes out of the firehouse, to see Boris has crashed the fire truck, dropping a hose. He then looks up to see the fire is coming through the upper floor of the station.

Bendy then runs to grab a ladder and brings the hose with him. He points the hose to the fire, but no water comes out of it until a bulge quickly forms which Bendy can't control. He starts flying around spraying water everywhere, including the screen, which then cuts to the upper floor again with Bendy fallen down and an empty hose aside him. It is revealed that it was actually Boris' hot soup making the smoke. Boris then returns to continue eating his soup, making Bendy facepalm.


  • In Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine, before the animation short was released, the actual short scene clip of the cartoon was seen in the throne location.
  • This is the only clip from the throne room we actually get to see be made into a actual episode.
  • The poster in the game is a winner for the fanart contest that was held before Chapter 3's release. The poster is made by Nao Sasaki.
  • The unedited version of the poster can be seen twice throughout the game. It can be found next to the audio log of Wally Franks and Thomas Connor in Chapter 3, and in the divided hallway in Chapter 5.
  • The cartoon is most likely based off two Mickey Mouse shorts, "Mickey's Fire Brigade" and "The Fire Fighters".


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