Health is a measurement mechanic for the series of Bendy.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Henry's vision getting covered with ink as his health depletes from Piper's attack.

The health was first introduced from Chapter 2 to 5 when encountering dangerous enemies.

Whenever Henry gets damaged by enemies in first four chapters, his health depletes, causing black ink to cover his vision. Ink will overflow more on Henry's vision as damage progresses. In Chapter 4, falling off the stairs in the spiral stairway location will result in fall damage. After enough time, the ink slowly disappears while restoring health automatically. Henry can also replenish health by eating cans of Bacon Soup.

Enemies that causes health depletion include Searchers and their two stronger variants (minibosses and boss form), Miner Searchers, the Butcher Gang enemies (Piper, Fisher, and Striker), the Projectionist, Bertrum Piedmont, Brute Boris, Sammy Lawrence, and the Lost Ones. If Henry's health is fully depleted by enough damage from enemies' attacks, fallen from enough great height in the spiral stairway of Chapter 4, getting crushed by a cart thrown by Brute Boris, or gets contacted by Ink Bendy or his form Beast Bendy, he immediately dies, resulting in teleported within the ink tunnel that leads the way out of the Bendy statue before resuming gameplay.

Bendy in Nightmare Run

Health act as one of the most important mechanic for Nightmare Run, used for both playable characters and boss monsters. The minion monsters (Krawls, Stickles, and Gwens) and especially hazardous obstacles only takes a single damage to kill. Obtaining the Health Pack during gameplay on all four levels heals the playable character with increasing few health points.

If the player's health gets entirely empty with enough damage, the game is over. It should be noteworthy that when each playable characters' health is entirely depleted on non-boss phases, their defeat animation plays; Bendy plops down on the ground while tilting his head downward miserably, Boris curls up in a ball either in pain or grieving over his own failure, and Alice almost lost her balance then just looking at the atmosphere before beginning to weep briefly.


  • Before the update patch 0.2 for Chapter 2, once getting killed by the Searchers, Henry will be sent directly back to the beginning of Chapter 2 to restart.
    • From Chapter 2's first release, if Henry fails to run away from Ink Bendy while chasing Henry or getting killed by the Searchers from the ritual room, he will instantly die and get sent back to where Sammy is attempting to sacrifice Henry.
  • The textures for getting hurt are reused when Henry is waking up at the beginning of Chapter 2.



B = Bendy and the Ink Machine • NR = Bendy in Nightmare Run

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