The Gingerbread Man is a minor character made by Bendy that lasts for a short time, who only appears in the Christmas special short Cookie Cookin from the Bendy cartoon series.

General Description

Physical Appearance

The Gingerbread Man is an anthropomorphic figure-shaped cookie printed with a smile and two dots for eyes.


While Gingerbread Man has a happy-look expression, he strangely seems to have hunger-based suicidal tendencies, given that he does not react to being eaten by Boris.


Cookie Cookin

Upon being made by Bendy, the Gingerbread Man comes alive for few seconds by standing up from the tray to wave at Bendy before laying back down lifelessly (noted that his face strangely disappears). Towards the end, the Gingerbread Man unexpectedly ends up being eaten by Boris as soon as Bendy takes out the tray in the oven.


  • The Gingerbread Man's willingness to be eaten seems to be a reference to the aptly named "Ameglian Major Cow" from the British novel series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a creature who also wants to be eaten.
  • Similar to Mr. Snowman from Snow Sillies, the Gingerbread Man comes to life for a moment before he is completed. Character wise, he also dies once he is completed.


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