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A hidden message from Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 5.

The Giant Bendy Hand is an enormous cartoon hand that inhabits the Ink River, dragging anything it comes across down below.


Physical Appearance

The Giant Bendy Hand is a giant cartoony hand, very similar to Ink Bendy's left hand, covered with an ink-stained white glove, with a long arm extending from below into the ink river. All four fingertips are stained with ink. It is unknown if the hand belongs to a whole body or if it is an independent entity. Many suggest that this is the hand of Ink Bendy but multiple details say it is not. If this was Ink Bendy's hand, then the bumps wouldn't be there, it would be flat, as well as the ink wouldn't be on the glove itself. Therefore as stated below, the giant hand is presumably a single entity made of a dream gone wrong.


When there is ink covering the paddle wheel of Henry's barge, the Giant Bendy Hand will menacingly approach the boat in an attempt to catch it and thereby squashing and killing Henry. The pattern of popping out from the river seems to be randomized.


The Giant Bendy Hand cannot be attacked, and therefore cannot be killed, so the only thing possible to do is to quickly unclog the paddle wheel to flee from it before it has the chance to kill the player.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

As a minor antagonist of Chapter 5: The Last Reel, the Giant Bendy Hand appears when Henry needs to take the barge to the Lost Harbor. The Giant Bendy Hand is mentioned in a secret message saying "THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE RIVER", implying the presence of the monster. It is first seen taking down the barge Allison and Tom used into the ink and then begins to stalk Henry. When thick ink is stuck on the paddle-wheel, it can be seen rising from the ink. Henry needs to clear the ink before the Giant Bendy Hand smashes the barge, which would instantly kill him.

After Henry gets to the Lost Harbor, the Giant Bendy Hand takes down Henry's barge into the ink and is never seen again.

In the book Dreams Come to Life this enemy seems to be significant in the beginning. It is referenced by Buddy's first dream of the book.


  • It is unknown how and why the Giant Bendy Hand was created. Its appearance suggests that it could be the Ink Machine attempting to create a Bendy toon. However, Thomas Connor mentions that only one attempt at creating a physical Bendy was made, and this only attempt resulted in Ink Bendy. However, since the audio log that Thomas Connor mentions this in is from the past, things might have changed sometime in the future after the audio log was recorded.
  • Concept art portrays the Giant Bendy Hand having buttons on the glove, but they are absent in the final game's release.
  • The Giant Bendy Hand's design seems to be reminiscent of the large cartoon arms seen in Chapter 4, notably above the Storage 9 and Research and Design location.
  • The hand that takes down Allison and Tom's barge is left under the area after the barge has been sunk.
  • The Giant Bendy Hand could be a strong reference to the Magmanos enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
  • When sped up, the strange moaning sounds that the Giant Bendy Hand makes sound reminiscent to that of a Swollen Searcher.
  • The Giant Bendy Hand's appearance is very similar to a poster for the 2013 film Escape from Tomorrow, in which Mickey Mouse's iconic gloved hand is dripping with blood.
  • The Giant Bendy Hand is the only major antagonist who is not given an explicit death. Its fate is currently unclear.


Description Audio
The sound of the Giant Bendy Hand rising from the ink.
The sound of the Giant Bendy Hand slamming down onto the ink.
The sound of the Giant Bendy Hand rising from the ink and dragging Tom and Allison's barge down below.
The sound of the Giant Bendy Hand destroying the barge.
The strange bubbling and moaning sounds heard when around the Giant Bendy Hand.

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