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The Gent pipe is the main weapon from Chapter 3 to 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine, created by the company Gent.


The pipe consists of two separate pipes connected together, one curved, and one straight. There is a word printed on the weapon titled "GENT".


The pipe is used similarly to both the axe and the plunger, as it is used to kill enemies such as Searchers, Butcher Gang enemies, etc.


Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

The pipe is first given to Henry by Boris after leaving the path that the player chooses to take, and as the chapter progresses it is replaced with the many tools and weapons given to the player by Physical Alice.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

In this chapter, it was created by an Ink Maker and used during the final boss fight against Brute Boris towards the end of the chapter and must be replaced with another one every time it broke after damaging Brute Boris. Tom is seen holding the pipe too.

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

The Gent pipe is the first weapon in this chapter, been inside the bathroom in the prison. The pipe is used until it breaks after the Sammy Lawrence fight.

Chapter ?: The Archives

Tom's model is wielding the Gent Pipe.


  • The Gent pipe is the only weapon from Chapter 3 to have eight different sounds for when hitting something other than an enemy.
  • The pipe can be seen floating in mid-air if the player hacks into Accounting & Finance.


Description Audio
The sound of the Gent pipe being picked up.
SFX GentPipe Pickup
The whooshing sound of the Gent pipe.
SFX Generic Weapon Whoosh 01
SFX Generic Weapon Whoosh 02
SFX Generic Weapon Whoosh 03
The hitting sounds of the Gent pipe.
SFX GentPipe Hit 01
SFX GentPipe Hit 02
SFX GentPipe Hit 03
SFX GentPipe Hit 04
SFX GentPipe Hit 05
SFX GentPipe Hit 06
SFX GentPipe Hit 07
SFX GentPipe Hit 08
The sounds of the Gent pipe breaking on Brute Boris.
Foley pipe menace 01
Foley pipe menace 02
Foley pipe menace 03
Foley pipe menace 04


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