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"So, here’s my beef with the whole GENT thing..."
Wally Franks's audio log, Boris and the Dark Survival

Gent, fully known as Gent Corporation,[1] is a contracting firm in the world of Bendy, first mentioned in Thomas Connor's "ink output" schedule found in Chapter 1: Moving Pictures of Bendy and the Ink Machine, and in Bendy and the Dark Revival. Based out of Atlantic City, Gent has offices across the Eastern Seaboard. The company is known for publishing installments, including tools and machinery, for a wide plethora of purposes, mostly utility and other menial tasks.


The "Construction Corruption" cartoon poster, sponsored by Gent Corporation.

There is little to no given information about Gent Corp. The identity of the founder(s) of Gent Corp remains unknown, as of the present time. The only pieces of direct involvement with Joey Drew Studios is a sponsorship of the animation studio's "Construction Corruption" cartoon, after which, the partnership with Joey Drew Studios would be established, as evident by a notation in the Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook, and their warranty notice, as pictured in the same book, which reads as follows:

GENT Corporation warranty
A special promise to our customers
At Gent Corporation, we strive to make the best products possible for our customers. With quality craftsmanship, friendly staff, and expert machinists, we're certain you'll be satisfied with our products and service. If you follow our service manual to the letter and suffer a malfunction with your Gent device, we will be happy to send one of our qualified staff members to assist you, for as long as it takes to make things right. The warranty is valid for ten years of service, no matter the issue, big or small!

As of yet, there is only three known workers of the Gent Corporation: Thomas Connor, a manager for the company working as a mechanic, repairman, and liaison for Joey Drew Studios, Thomas's right hand man Scott, and Bill Chambers, who worked for the company for a few weeks.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

The Gent Ccorporation is at least partially responcible for designing some of the contraptions in the studio, including;

  1. Ink Machine - The titular large machine that not only produces ink but is powered by it, all the while being lowered into the depths.
  2. Flashlight - A tool used while exploring in darker areas. It was usable in Chapters 3 and 4.
  3. Pipe - 3 pieces of Gent-branded piping fashioned together to form an improvised bludgeon. It was equipped for Chapter 3 to 5.
  4. Valve Panel - A panel consisting of three tubes filled with ink. To make the lids unlockable for obtaining the valve cores, the ink's measurement from all three tubes must reach to black circles in the middle. It was introduced for Chapter 3.
  5. Elevator - The main transportation for Chapter 3. Its function is opening and closing the gates, along with transporting to different levels - Level K, Level 11, Level P, Level 9, Level 14, and Level S. It was usable for Chapter 3 but no longer in Chapter 4 due to its severe wrecked state from the fall.
  6. Ink Maker - A machine requiring thick ink to create several items, such as a mug, gear, music radio, bone, Gent pipe, and the plunger. It was first introduced for Chapter 4.
  7. Vaults - Seen in Chapter 4, the money vaults are used mainly for the archives and some other locations.
  8. Barge - This machine only appears in Chapter 5. Being used as a boat, this machine is used by Henry to cross the Ink River. One of the machines is seen being destroyed by the Giant Bendy Hand during the ride in the river.
  9. Hall Drainer - Appearing in the Gent Home Office in Chapter 5, these machines drains the flooded assuage to the Film Vault.

Bendy and the Dark Revival

Gent also seems at least partially responcible for some of the contraptions that appear in Bendy and the Dark Revival, including:

  1. Electric Baton - A handheld baton used for activating gent charge panels, and presumably as a weapon. It was first seen in the gameplay trailer as the device used by Audrey. It shares a similar design and shape with the gent pipe, shown on its handle.
  2. Electronic Lock Panel - A panel mounted to a wall used to activate door locks, containing a lever and an insertion point. It was first seen in the gameplay trailer, in which Audrey uses an electric baton to unlock its designated door.
  3. Barrels - Wooden barrels designed similar to those found in the previous chapters, most likely designed to contain ink. It was first seen in the gameplay trailer at the end of a hallway.
  4. Workshop Table - A table containing a desk, an assortment of tools, and an overhead lamp. It was first seen in the gameplay trailer, being examined by Audrey.

Bendy Comics

Gent branded products are referenced in the Bendy Comics and feanchise, most notably in Papa Pluto's Pitchfork and Construction Corruption.

  1. Automobile: Bendy, using his newly obtained pitchfork, conjured a "classic Gent" to drive in style. Unlike the other objects Bendy conjured, this one never backfired on him.
  2. Measuring Tape: Bendy is seen using Gent-branded measuring tape to take measurements in an attempt to build a cedar birdhouse.
  3. Handsaw: Bendy is seen using a Gent-branded hand saw to cut pieces of Cedar wood in half before being interrupted by Charley.


  1. "Have you heard? Bendy and the Ink Machine is on Steam in a handy little bundle for you right here! Brought to you by the Gent Corporation, covering all your ink-related needs! #BATIM" - Bendy. June 17, 2018. Twitter.
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