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This article is about the item. For the related item, see Special Gear.

The gear is a rotating machine part and an item found in Bendy and the Ink Machine and Boris and the Dark Survival.


The gear is colored light yellow, and marks on the gear imply that it is made of metal. It had ten cogs in Bendy and the Ink Machine, and seven cogs in Boris and the Dark Survival.

In-Game Appearances

Bendy and the Ink Machine

The gear in the box.

First appearing in Chapter 1: Moving Pictures, the gear is one of the six items needed to fix the Ink Machine. The gear can be found in the chest on the Ink Machine's room balcony when finding one of the dry cells but was not obtainable at first until Henry starts the quest on finding the required items.

Multiple gears have appeared in almost every chapter.

Boris and the Dark Survival

Gears are one of the randomly generated supplies that Buddy Boris needs to collect before he heads to the next levels.


  • The gear resembles the pre-existing gears used for the Ink Machine's prototype model.
  • Until the release of Chapter 4, the gear was found randomly in several locations from Chapter 1.
    • Ink Machine Room: Found randomly on either both wall sides in the location's earlier build.
    • Corridor Paths: Away from the mini workroom area, it is found leaning against the bench next to Bendy's cutout.
    • Art Room: Found behind one of the wooden boxes.


Description Audio
The current sound produced when the gear is collected.
The sound produced when placing the gear on the pedestal in the break room.
The old sound produced when the gear is collected this is similar to the wrench.


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