Gavin McCarthy is one of the developers of theMeatly Games team to help developing the Bendy and the Ink Machine game. He is an illustrator, art director, and designer.


Gavin McCarthy is a Canadian, Toronto based illustrator and graphic designer with over 7 years experience running a successful freelance business. He works with a mix of traditional and digital mediums specializing in Children's illustration, interactive media and digital art. I am available for freelance work or in-house employment.

He created is freelance illustrations company called "Art by Gavin" in 2005, his company is located in Toronto, Ontario and he is still working here.

He joined theMeatly Games Ltd. in 2018 as the senior art director.

Known works

  • Lists of works of he had done for the Bendy and The Ink Machine
    • Illustrations
    • Art director
    • Designer
    • Concept artist
    • Designer of the following characters :
      • Brute Boris
      • Bendy Animatronic
      • Lost One
      • Bertrum Piedmont


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