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"You look FAMISHED! Your first course will be... EVERYTHING!"
One of the demon footmen, Papa Pluto's Pitchfork

The footmen are a group of butlers appearing once in the Dime Store era comics.

General Description

Physical Appearance

There is a total of five footmen and all were identical to each other. At first, all footmen are half-bald, big-nosed humans wearing proper uniforms.

In their demon forms when Pluto's trident magic goes wrong, they were colored black all over, saving for the white faces. They sport elfish ears, spike-shaped horns, and two front fangs. The remaining apparels they wear are gloves and bowtie.


As humans, they firstly appear expressionless and they typically do their job like actual footmen does. After becoming demons, however, they are now devious when it comes with overfeeding anyone whoever accepts to be fed.


In Papa Pluto's Pitchfork, Bendy summons the footmen to fulfill Boris' wish. Later on, when the trident's magic becomes cursed, they turned into demons and swiftly overfeeds Boris with endless amount of food, so Bendy comes up with the idea of distracting them by telling them that Alice's fans are guests Boris invited. Along with everyone else summoned by Pluto's trident, the footmen end up disappearing out of the existence just as Alice Angel snaps the trident in half to break the curse.


  • The footmen's demon forms resemble that of the devils from Silly Symphony's 1929 cartoon short Hell's Bells, as well as the overall design for the Devil himself from the 2017 run 'n gun video game Cuphead, which, much like the Bendy cartoons, also happens to use rubberhose animation.
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