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This article is about extra-thick ink. For a similar item, see Thick Ink.

Extra-thick ink, also known as an ink blob, is an item from Bendy and the Ink Machine, found in Chapter 3: Rise and Fall.


Extra-thick Ink looks like a small, black blob of ink. Unlike typical ink puddles, it is almost in a ball shape.

Like every other item, extra-thick ink occasionally glows, making it easier to notice.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

Henry must walk to the areas on Level 11 for locating extra-thick ink items. Upon killing the Swollen Searchers it will sink down, revealing a blob of extra-thick ink, which can be picked up like every other item and collected into the syringe.

All five blobs of extra-thick ink can be collected by either killing a total of five Swollen Searchers or four of them along with killing Fisher for the extra-thick ink he obtains.

Upon collecting all five extra-thick ink blobs, Twisted Alice will tell Henry to bring the syringe back to her from Level 9's Inner Chamber and continue on to the next task given by her.


  • Obtaining all the extra-thick ink after killing the Swollen Searchers from Chapter 3 will unlock the "Ultimate Stomachache" achievement.
  • There were several differences to the extra thick ink's mechanics before the release of Chapter 4:
    • The extra-thick ink will slowly disappear if Henry is not quick enough to obtain it.
    • Henry needs to collect only four extra-thick ink blobs instead of five.
    • Fisher does not carry the extra-thick ink during this task.


Description Audio
The sound produced when picking up the extra-thick ink.


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